Thursday, April 8, 2010

Becoming a Slug!

Spring Break! I made grand plans for this week - cleaning, organizing, running much overdue errands, and most importantly, some relaxation. Give you one guess which one I have accomplished so far...

The couch, computer, and remote have been my best buds this week. I have not strayed far from them. And why would I? The couch is comfy, the computer keeps me connected to my loved ones, and the remote has helped keep me up to date on the going-ons in the world. Don't get me wrong, the computer has helped with that, too, but I am a serious Headline News Junkie. There is something reassuring about hearing the same couple of stories repeated over and over again. (Consider it white noise - great to nap to!) I have become a slug! So all is good in my world, right? Wrong.

That dirty little five letter word crept into my consciousness this morning. Starts with a G and ends in a T... G-U-I-L-T. How could a word that has "u" and "i" in it make you feel so bad? (Cheesy - I know...) But, there it was, staring me dead in the face with its hands on its hips and a scowl on its face. I closed my eyes, hoping that it would go away after I took my mid-morning nap, but that GUILT is tenacious! It was still sitting there when I woke up, and I swear it started tapping its foot at me.

I tried to bargain with it - Just one more day then I will get on my "To Do" list. If I do the dishes can I go back on the couch for a while? I made coffee this morning - surely that counts for something... Didn't work. So I did what any adult does in a situation like this - I whined and threw a tantrum - Everybody else is doing it! I deserve this! I need this! And, my personal favorite - You can't make me stop doing it - you aren't the boss of me!

Actually, many times GUILT can be the boss of me, but not this week. The things that I had planned will not effect anyone else but me if it doesn't get done right away. That is what is really important - my actions are not effecting anyone else. Now, will I be running around for the next two days catching up - You betcha! But I will not feel the stress that normally comes with it because I took some "Me" time. I feel like I could tackle the world! (Catching up on your sleep will do amazing things to your outlook on life!)

And I guess that what I have learned this week - prioritize your GUILT instead of letting GUILT become your priority. Hey - I'm not such a slug! All that time on the couch helped me learn something - Go ME!

Time for my mid-afternoon nap...

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